Leaflets arrived & letters sent

 My leaflets arrived today after spending weeks trying different softwares to print them myself. But I could never have got them as good as they turned out by ordering them. Now the leaflets are here I can now send out my letter to grant makers. So I’ve just posted the first lot of 21 letters. Hopefully sending some more out in the next couple days. Fingers crossed I’ll hear back from a few in the next couple months.


Jewellry and Virgin Money Giving

Big thanks to my dad and step mum for being the first to donate on my Virgin Money Giving page. Tonight i posted photos on my facebook page of the earrings and key rings i am selling. These were all made by me and all profits are going towards my fundraising. Two weeks today i’ll also be selling them at the local car boot sale along with clothes that no longer fit, dream catcher, scrunchies etc which i have made. So going to be making a lot in the next two weeks. I’m also in the middle of organising my first fundraising event, a coffee morning. Hoping to have a lot of people turn up and sell tonnes of tea, coffee and cakes!

Fundraising starts…now?!

So today I received my confirmation letter that I am going to South Africa! I also got my fundraising pack. There’s so much amazing information inside and it’s basically going to be my bible for the next 14 months.

 I’ve split the 14 months into sections of 8 weeks. Each 8 weeks is a phase. Each phase has a target of the amount I hope to fundraise and I’m setting things to do in each phase. The last phase finishes 8th May 2017. This gives me an extra 3 months of fundraising incase I don’t meet all my targets and deadlines.

In my first phase I’m aiming for £1000. In the next eight weeks I’m going to be making jellewry, dream catchers, phone cases and anything else I can think of to sell at car boot sales and on depop. I am also going to be holding a coffee morning which will be fun because I’ve never hosted anything in my life (I’m actually petrified but oh well).  Whilst organising these I need to research charitable funds, create/print my leaflets AND revise for my exams. Wish me luck!