Westham Village Hall Tabletop Market

15178276_1143354989117382_840579439214088503_nOn Saturday, I raised an extra £25 at the Westham Village Hall Tabletop Market. Its not a huge amount but every penny counts. Thank you to Josh for coming along and helping me set up and run the stall. I met a bunch of lovely people who go to the market every time its on and they were all very sweet about my year out and wishing me luck. Unfortunately it wasn’t very busy and i realised i wasn’t selling the right sort of thing based on the type of people there. However its all a learning curve. I was selling handmade jewelry, hand decorated baubles, handmade pom pom key chains, handmade christmas and birthday cards and adorable hedgehogs made from old book by my nan. The table cloth was made just by printing and cutting out the letters and sticking them on. But i didnt let the glue dry enough and the table cloth stuck together in parts when i folded it  (oops), so looks like I’ll be making another one soon.

Running total now is £2553.95!


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