Merry (Belated) Christmas

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I have to say this year has been one of the best Christmases I’ve had! Next year is going to be completely different. I’ll be spending it in the South African sun with people I haven’t even met yet! Although I bet it’ll be the most memorable Christmas I’ll ever have.

Since the Christmas Fair on the 10th December I gave out refreshments at the college Performing Arts Christmas show on both nights in exchange for donations and got a total of £22.75. I put up Pete’s tree for the balcony getting me an extra £10. I sold a couple of the reindeer hot chocolates from the Christmas fair and an Angel my Nan made. Also very generously Pete and his golf friends donated £50! By doing odd bits and receiving a donation my running total is now £3034.10, hitting my deadline 34 days early. I am very happy and put me in a great position to hit my final target before I leave in August.

Even though its Christmas and I have spent a lot on presents, my savings are doing well. My family gave me £135 towards my spending money as well as 1220Rand which is the South African currency, which is equivalent to £72.03. I also received a lot of presents for my travels. My granddad and Sue gave me a Travel Journal which I love. My parents got me a penknife, travelling cutlery set and sleep eye mask and ear plugs. I picked up my secret Santa present from work today and it was a memory foam travel pillow and lovely luggage tag. Thank you Santa! Its safe to say my family and friends have been very thoughtful this year and are definitely very supportive for my travels.

I haven’t decided on what my next event will be but I will definitely be sending letters,emails and asking face to face about bag packing in the new year. I am looking into doing a sponsored skydive soon too. My friend James has also volunteered to pay for his own skydiving and gather sponsorships for me which is amazing of him.

Its very nerve wracking that in just a couple of days I’ll be saying ‘I’m going to South Africa this year’…. However I couldn’t be more excited about it.


Christmas Fair

On Saturday I held my Christmas Fair. It was an event that proved sometimes, no matter how hard you work at something, things just don’t go to plan. After a couple of days of anger and frustration, I’ve realised it’s okay.

In preparation for the event I put posters up in restaurants, cafes and local shops, I handed flyers door to door to houses on the same road as the venue and even managed to get the radio station and the local newspaper to help with the publicity. I had planned for the fair to have roughly 100 people turn up as a minimum. Unfortunately roughly only 20 people turned up. Those 20 people though were seriously generous and helped us raise £198.80. This wasn’t more than what the costs for the event were though sadly. But I do want to say a huge thank you to the people to helped set up, run a stall and pack away at the end. You guys were all great!

I have a lot of stuff from the fair left over now and trying to find a way to make money off of it all now. Tomorrow is the dress rehearsal for the college christmas show which is open to the public. So tomorrow and Thursday (the actual show night) i will be supplying the refreshments which I have from the fair asking for donations rather than selling them. The expensive necklace was sold for £50, so thats an extra fifty quid in the pot. I am also putting up the xmas tree for Pete for £10 (which i need to do asap for him). And i received a really amazing donation of £100 from my Nan’s friends Janet & Clive! So my total as of today is… £2926.35. So so close to half way!

This leads me on to the mentioning my next deadline which is January 31st. This deadline is £3000. So I think its safe to say I’m doing well with staying on top of my fundraising. Only 4 months till I know where in South Africa my project will be and the whole thing will feel a hell of a lot more real.

Christmas Fair is tomorrow!

So my biggest event to date is tomorrow. I’ve just worked out a rough estimate of how much this event has cost me and its quite a scary figure. I’m unsure if we’ll even make a profit tomorrow which will be gutting. However it is a learning curve and I wont be doing another event as big as this one again! After a long week of last minute preparations hopefully I have organised everything for the event. I also contacted the radio station and did a prerecorded interview with them about my event, project trust and what I am raising money for. Which was actually quite nerve wrecking even though it was prerecorded.

Last week I also handed out flyers with Shauna to local houses near the church hopefully will draw people in. In a last minute effort to advertise further, I paid £4 for the event to be promoted to locals on Facebook and so far its reached 382 people.

Last night and today was spend painting signs and boxes for tomorrow with Josh. I made up all the rudolf hot chocolate cones and finished wrapping presents. At this very moment I have 2 suitcases, 4 big cardboard boxes filled, a holdall, and many bags filled with everything for tomorrow. My room is looking ‘slightly’ cluttered, even after filling the boot of Josh’s and my dad’s car with stuff.

Now to get some sleep before getting up bright and early tomorrow hopefully to raise loads of money for my year away. Wish me luck.