Christmas Fair is tomorrow!

So my biggest event to date is tomorrow. I’ve just worked out a rough estimate of how much this event has cost me and its quite a scary figure. I’m unsure if we’ll even make a profit tomorrow which will be gutting. However it is a learning curve and I wont be doing another event as big as this one again! After a long week of last minute preparations hopefully I have organised everything for the event. I also contacted the radio station and did a prerecorded interview with them about my event, project trust and what I am raising money for. Which was actually quite nerve wrecking even though it was prerecorded.

Last week I also handed out flyers with Shauna to local houses near the church hopefully will draw people in. In a last minute effort to advertise further, I paid £4 for the event to be promoted to locals on Facebook and so far its reached 382 people.

Last night and today was spend painting signs and boxes for tomorrow with Josh. I made up all the rudolf hot chocolate cones and finished wrapping presents. At this very moment I have 2 suitcases, 4 big cardboard boxes filled, a holdall, and many bags filled with everything for tomorrow. My room is looking ‘slightly’ cluttered, even after filling the boot of Josh’s and my dad’s car with stuff.

Now to get some sleep before getting up bright and early tomorrow hopefully to raise loads of money for my year away. Wish me luck.


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