Christmas Fair

On Saturday I held my Christmas Fair. It was an event that proved sometimes, no matter how hard you work at something, things just don’t go to plan. After a couple of days of anger and frustration, I’ve realised it’s okay.

In preparation for the event I put posters up in restaurants, cafes and local shops, I handed flyers door to door to houses on the same road as the venue and even managed to get the radio station and the local newspaper to help with the publicity. I had planned for the fair to have roughly 100 people turn up as a minimum. Unfortunately roughly only 20 people turned up. Those 20 people though were seriously generous and helped us raise £198.80. This wasn’t more than what the costs for the event were though sadly. But I do want to say a huge thank you to the people to helped set up, run a stall and pack away at the end. You guys were all great!

I have a lot of stuff from the fair left over now and trying to find a way to make money off of it all now. Tomorrow is the dress rehearsal for the college christmas show which is open to the public. So tomorrow and Thursday (the actual show night) i will be supplying the refreshments which I have from the fair asking for donations rather than selling them. The expensive necklace was sold for £50, so thats an extra fifty quid in the pot. I am also putting up the xmas tree for Pete for £10 (which i need to do asap for him). And i received a really amazing donation of £100 from my Nan’s friends Janet & Clive! So my total as of today is… £2926.35. So so close to half way!

This leads me on to the mentioning my next deadline which is January 31st. This deadline is £3000. So I think its safe to say I’m doing well with staying on top of my fundraising. Only 4 months till I know where in South Africa my project will be and the whole thing will feel a hell of a lot more real.


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