Pancake Day in 4 Days

This month has been the most I have raised in a month yet and its not even over yet.

Pancake day is in 4 days and I will be selling pancakes, tea and coffee at my college for the entire day. I made some this morning to try them out my flipping skills and I have to admit I’m not too shabby.

A few weeks ago I sent out an extra 35 letters to charitable trusts. So far I have had 5 respond with donations. So far I have raised £1,216.51 this month from charitable donations, selling items on ebay, and bag packing. Hopefully the pancake sale will do well and earn a bit extra to add to this months success.

I also bought some charitable buckets and printed some labels. These will be coming with me to all my events as I think the loose change jars weren’t big enough and weren’t noticed by most.

My running total as of today is £4,293.40 which means I have 69.25% of my total and have less than £2000 left to raise.


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