Pancake Day Success!

Crepe Queen Mel

Today I sold pancakes at my college in the A Level Centre and it has been the best event I have done to date. It didn’t raise the most but it raised a lot considering it was just pancakes!

The stall was set up from 10am till 4pm today and raised £85.18. It was 50p for lemon and sugar pancakes or £1 for nutella and whipped cream pancakes. We ran out of flour by 11am so its safe to say i completely underestimated the success of today. There was a queue filling the corridor to the library and to the canteen, and didnt die down for atleast half an hour during one break.

Not only did it raise some money it was a great way to raise awareness of my cause to members of staff and students of the college. Many people I’d never spoken to before stood and chatted about my fundraising, my project and South Africa. It was so lovely to not be stressed and worrying about how to save the event for once.

I want to say a huge thank you to those who helped organise the event and to those who helped today, especially Mel and Lewis. You guys were amazing!



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