Sponsor Me to Jump Out of a Plane!

On June 30th I will be jumping out of a plane at from 10,000ft. This is to raise the last of my fundraising goal. I am so close and if everyone was to just sponsor a few pound it would go such a long way! So far I have a few sponsorship’s of a total of £45. My goal is to get the last £1000 of my total from this skydive. So please please sponsor me, any amount is appreciated. I am also paying for a photographer to film the entire thing. So please sponsor for a laugh as I scream the entire way back to the ground.

The link to my sponsorship page is here –


Its been very exciting waking up to letters arrived through the post at the moment. Either they are charitable trust responses or they are newsletters, info and booklets from Project Trust. Tomorrow  I will be attending a parent meeting with my dad  in Oxford to  meet the team and share fundraising ideas etc. This morning I woke up to two letters. Both responses. One was unsuccessful and the other contained a £250 cheque! It is the greatest feeling!

My total as of today is £4907.50 which is 79.15% of my total. I just need another £1292.50.


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