Quick Update

This is quite a late post, but I realised I haven’t been posting on here much lately.

Every Monday until exams, I will be holding a weekly fundraiser at college. Tomorrow, I will be selling fresh pancakes again, Mel is very kindly letting me use her pancake maker again because my waffle maker wont arrive till Tuesday. Then every week following, I will be selling fresh waffles.

I will also be selling the sweet cones and reindeer hot chocolate again as I still have some left and they sell well. I’m thinking of bringing in the jewelry I made a while ago and selling it at a reduced price of £1 for each item. These people are students, so I think it’s only fair to bring the price down.

I recieved a few small donations recently, aswell as another trust grant.

My total without including my sponsorships from the skydive is £5049.49 however with my sponsorships it is £5160.49 which is 83.23%

Hopefully tomorrow and the rest of the weekly fundraisers go well. I am also having a party at my boyfriends house where there will be a bbq and a raffle. I am hoping a lot of money is generated from that too.



Paint, blood and bruises

On Monday me and a group of friends had an amazing day out. I had bought paintball tickets and got a really good discount once explaining i could sell them to friends in order to raise money for charity. Unfortunately, many people dropped out and after months of choosing dates we decided to get a date, stick with it and just see who came. There was 8 of us including myself. We met at 8 in the morning and drove an hour and 15 minutes up the Westerham in Kent.

We played 12 games on 6 different maps throughout the day. There were a few issues with the other team not playing fairly but still a great day. I managed to get the bag of money in Gold Rush and I captured the flag in another game so safe to say I left feeling accomplishment!! We all had a great day and all left with some lovely bruises, some worse than others. Someone shot me point blank right on my spine and it hurt so much I was holding off tears. I’ve got multiple cuts on my hands from being hit on my knuckles. I’m definitely buying some gloves next time!

The person worse for wear would be Josh. He came out with about 4 bruises on his back all as bad if not worse than mine, a few having cut his back too. Luckily our team were great sports and there were no tears, even though I was holding some back haha.

Josh S, Hannah, ‘Steve’, Becca and myself won Top Gun awards too.


The top photo from left to right – Josh, Me, Josh S, Cousley, Becca, Dave, Matt and Hannah

The middle photo was of our team vs our opponents and the woman in the yellow was our Marshall Heidi.

The photo on the right was of just the first cut Josh recieved. His back now actually looks like a leopards.


Unfortunately, not many people came but it was great day out and raised an extra £20 to my fundraising. My total at the moment (excluding sponsors from the skydive) is £4927.50 and thats 79.48% of my total!

Goodbye Dreadlocks

After wanting dreadlocks for over 4 years last March I finally got them. Just over a year later I’ve spent between 15-20 hours this week picking them out. Anyone who knows me, knows exactly how much I loved them and took so much pride in having them. This post is to explain why I had to remove them and what that has to do with my year in South Africa.

Since last May I have had odd looks, many people asking me questions such as ‘Do you wash them?’ ‘Don’t you have to chop all your hair off after?’, and on the occasion I’ve received racial hatred and abuse due to having them. The first was a hair and beauty student on the bus shouting at me that hair must stink and that I’m dirty etc. A few times I’ve had black men come over to me out in public hold one of my dreads out inspecting it asking why i have dreads considering I’m white. I had some straight up say I shouldn’t have them because I’m white etc. Most recently I was at work and a black lady in my section would not look at me whilst I spoke to her, kept pointing at me and talking about my hair to her family, she stared at me whenever I wasn’t at her table, and tried to be as difficult as possible.

I’m a strong person and I can deal with it. I have an open mind and can see why the ignorant have an issue with my hair. As August draws closer I began to wonder if my dreadlocks would be an problem to more people in South Africa. I spoke to Project Trust and my country coordinator explained she had chosen my placement (although it cannot be confirmed until May) and it would be wise to take the dreadlocks out. It’s a touchy subject and I am the least racist person you could meet coming from a very diverse community. But I could become a victim of racial hatred on a frequent basis out there. Having dreadlocks could almost be like putting a target on my head for anyone who has racist views against white people. In August I want to settle in with the best chance possible, and not have views determined at first impression because of my hairstyle.

As many know, I had dread extensions put in also to make them longer as my hair was so short and thin. So without a cut this is what my hair now looks like. I should be having a cut sometime next week, I hope. The other photos are a bucket with all the hair that fell out and the dread extensions cut out in one piece.

no-dreads.jpg        20170402_165701        20170402_165712