Paint, blood and bruises

On Monday me and a group of friends had an amazing day out. I had bought paintball tickets and got a really good discount once explaining i could sell them to friends in order to raise money for charity. Unfortunately, many people dropped out and after months of choosing dates we decided to get a date, stick with it and just see who came. There was 8 of us including myself. We met at 8 in the morning and drove an hour and 15 minutes up the Westerham in Kent.

We played 12 games on 6 different maps throughout the day. There were a few issues with the other team not playing fairly but still a great day. I managed to get the bag of money in Gold Rush and I captured the flag in another game so safe to say I left feeling accomplishment!! We all had a great day and all left with some lovely bruises, some worse than others. Someone shot me point blank right on my spine and it hurt so much I was holding off tears. I’ve got multiple cuts on my hands from being hit on my knuckles. I’m definitely buying some gloves next time!

The person worse for wear would be Josh. He came out with about 4 bruises on his back all as bad if not worse than mine, a few having cut his back too. Luckily our team were great sports and there were no tears, even though I was holding some back haha.

Josh S, Hannah, ‘Steve’, Becca and myself won Top Gun awards too.


The top photo from left to right – Josh, Me, Josh S, Cousley, Becca, Dave, Matt and Hannah

The middle photo was of our team vs our opponents and the woman in the yellow was our Marshall Heidi.

The photo on the right was of just the first cut Josh recieved. His back now actually looks like a leopards.


Unfortunately, not many people came but it was great day out and raised an extra £20 to my fundraising. My total at the moment (excluding sponsors from the skydive) is £4927.50 and thats 79.48% of my total!


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