Quick Update

This is quite a late post, but I realised I haven’t been posting on here much lately.

Every Monday until exams, I will be holding a weekly fundraiser at college. Tomorrow, I will be selling fresh pancakes again, Mel is very kindly letting me use her pancake maker again because my waffle maker wont arrive till Tuesday. Then every week following, I will be selling fresh waffles.

I will also be selling the sweet cones and reindeer hot chocolate again as I still have some left and they sell well. I’m thinking of bringing in the jewelry I made a while ago and selling it at a reduced price of £1 for each item. These people are students, so I think it’s only fair to bring the price down.

I recieved a few small donations recently, aswell as another trust grant.

My total without including my sponsorships from the skydive is £5049.49 however with my sponsorships it is £5160.49 which is 83.23%

Hopefully tomorrow and the rest of the weekly fundraisers go well. I am also having a party at my boyfriends house where there will be a bbq and a raffle. I am hoping a lot of money is generated from that too.



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