Placement Confirmed

On Friday I received an email giving me details of my placement. It has been confirmed that I will be leaving for South Africa in the first week of September. I will be living and working at Mitchell House school. My work will involve working within the Enrichment Centre which is the learning environment for children with mental and physical disabilities. This will include one to one sessions taking the children to the mainstream classes, arts and crafts, cooking sessions, life skills sessions (writing CV’s, preparing for interviews etc), basic hygiene/grooming sessions, horse riding, swimming, social integration sessions, sexuality awareness sessions for the older students, basic numeracy, basic English and more.

I now have to start the process of getting my visa, inoculations, and all the equipment I’ll need for my year abroad. My running total is £5315.23 which means I have £884.77 left to fundraise with 4 months left before I leave.

My training on Coll is on the 6th July and I’ll learn all the crucial information I need whilst there including my definte date for my flight.

I am still looking for sponsors for my skydive. So far I have £179, if i get £46 more, someone has agreed to match my sponsorships and donate £225. So if you would like to sponsor me, please donate via the link


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