House Partyyy

On 27th May, my boyfriends parents hosted a fundraising house party with me at their place. I invited my friends and they invited theirs, we had a BBQ and a friend of the family lent us his sound systems, lights and smoke machine for the party. It was a charge of £2 per person, and then donations for the BBQ. In total that night we raised £212.15! Which is a lot more than I was expecting considering how many people were there.

For 3 weeks running I have also been selling pancakes and waffles at the college after pancake day was a success. Unfortunately I didn’t have this idea sooner. Over the weeks the college has gotten quieter and quieter due to different classes taking study leave at different times and some courses even finishing. But a total of £75.18 was raised.

I now have a total of £5,542.10 (89.39% of £6200) not including my skydive sponsors. The jump is exactly one month away from now. So far I have £179 worth of sponsors and hopefully this skydive will raise some more.

I had hoped I would have raised all the money by now as my exams are starting next week. But not to worry, after exams I have an entire 2 months to raise the last £400+ to go. I’m unsure what events to do, if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations please let me know. I think a quiz night is something people have asked for me to again. I’ll post an update with details of my next events in a few weeks.

In the mean time, please sponsor my skydive which is starting to become a daunting reality!


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