Why I Love South Africa

South Africa is a country which is so varied and diverse it is actually hard to imagine until you have been here. SA is called the Rainbow Nation and for good reason. It is a multicultural country which takes pride in being so diverse. Parts of South Africa have such a strong traditional African vibe whilst others parts feel very westernised and modern. Living in Cape Town is incredible as I feel there is the perfect balance of both.

I also love South Africa for a more obscure reason which I never thought would even be something that made an impact on me. This is the water. Water has become my obsession since I have been here. The beaches are beautiful. The ocean is clear. The waves come crashing into rocks. Some days here the eaves are so high and crazy. If you like surfing this is your paradise. But if you prefer calmer water the lagoons are incredible. The water is warmer, and so clear me and a few others thought it was lakewater Not to mention how diverse the marine life is. My first day at a beach ended amazingly. We were waiting for sunset when suddenly we saw a whale. It was huge! Thinking of it now I had never actually seen a whale before. You can go to aquariums but you won’t see whales there, well not in the UK at least.

If I could describe South Africa in one colour it would be blue. There is usually not a cloud in the sky. The sun is bright and strong. It gives you such a warm feeling everyday waking up to beautiful sunshine no matter where you are.

The people is South Africa are so friendly. Growing up near London and probably taken the tube hundreds of time I’ve grown up not speaking to people in public. It is the complete opposite here. Every single person acknowledges you here. Whether it is a wave, a nod, a hello. They will smile and acknowledge you. Random people will help you in the supermarket on silly things like what packet of chips to buy. It’s so heartwarming that people can be so lovely to each other. 

But what I love about South Africa most of all is that the people know who they are and are not ashamed of it. No one pretends to be something they are not. South Africa is still developing and changing for better all the time. It’s amazing to be here and witness it whilst it happens. 


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