First blog post

This morning I received an email from Project Trust telling me that after my psychologist assessment, I have now been officially selected as a project trust volunteer (read more)

Fundraising starts…now?!


So today I received my confirmation letter that I am going to South Africa! I also got my fundraising pack (read more)

Jewellry and Virgin Money Giving

Big thanks to my dad and step mum for being the first to donate on my Virgin Money Giving page (read more)

Leaflets arrived & letters sent


My leaflets arrived today after spending weeks trying different softwares to print them myself (read more)

Charity trust response

Huge huge thank you to the first trust to respond to my letters with a donation of £100!!! (read more)

Quiz Night


Huge thank you to everyone who came to my coffee morning a few weeks back. With your help, we raised £201.25! (read more)

November Update


Haven’t posted anything recently as I have been super busy. I’ve just done a bit of updating on my blog and added a few bits and bobs (read more)

40% and still 8 months to go!

The cake sale yesterday went well. Unfortunately, I did have to bring some home as not all were sold (read more)

Westham Village Hall Tabletop Market


On Saturday, I raised an extra £25 at the Westham Village Hall Tabletop Market. Its not a huge amount but every penny counts (read more)

Christmas Fair is tomorrow!

So my biggest event to date is tomorrow. I’ve just worked out a rough estimate of how much this event has cost me and its quite a scary figure (read more)

Christmas Fair


On Saturday I held my Christmas Fair. It was an event that proved sometimes, no matter how hard you work at something, things just don’t go to plan (read more)

Merry (Belated) Christmas

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I have to say this year has been one of the best Christmases I’ve had! (read more)

February Update and Upcoming Events


Since Christmas, fundraising has been a bit slow. I hit my target of £3000 a month early and decided to have a short break to focus on other priorities in my life. This was a huge mistake (read more)

Pancake Day in 4 Days

This month has been the most I have raised in a month yet and its not even over yet. (read more)

Pancake Day Success!


Today I sold pancakes at my college in the A Level Centre and it has been the best event I have done to date. (read more)

Sponsor Me to Jump Out of a Plane!

On June 30th I will be jumping out of a plane at from 10,000ft. This is to raise the last of my fundraising goal. I am so close and if everyone was to just sponsor a few pound it would go such a long way! (read more)

Paint, blood and bruises


On Monday me and a group of friends had an amazing day out. I had bought paintball tickets and got a really good discount once explaining i could sell them to friends in order to raise money for charity. (read more)

Quick Update

This is quite a late post, but I realised I haven’t been posting on here much lately. (read more)

Placement Confirmed

On Friday I received an email giving me details of my placement. It has been confirmed that I will be leaving for South Africa in the first week of September. I will be living and working at Mitchell House school. (read more)

House Partyyy

On 27th May, my boyfriends parents hosted a fundraising house party with me at their place. I invited my friends and they invited theirs, we had a BBQ and a friend of the family lent us his sound systems, lights and smoke machine for the party. (read more)