Interim Series

These are a few blog posts which explain what life is like between training and departure.

Catch Up

I haven’t posted in a little while as life has been a bit chaotic, then very slow at points lately.  (read more)


Since the beginning of August a lovely fellow 17/18 volunteer, Daniel had been helping me and a few other volunteers to learn Afrikaans. He’s taught us some great questions, answers, phrases and EVEN the numbers to 100. (read more)

Durbanville Returned Volunteers

On the day I announced I would now be volunteering at DCH instead of Mitchell House Enrichment Centre, I have been apart of a group chat with the volunteers who were there 2016/2017. They have been a complete life line and I will be eternally grateful! (read more)


I’ve pretty much had my bags packed for at least 2 weeks already. Slowly, my room has become emptier and emptier it’s also looking a bomb has hit it every 5 minutes. I will be taking a 70L rucksack with me which is supposed to hold everything… (read more)


Goodbyes are never easy when you have to say it to someone you love. I had to do a lot of goodbyes very early on. On the 19th July, I went to the visa office in London to hand in all my paperwork for the nightmare visa application. I then travelled to Aylesbury to visit my dad, step mum and sisters for a few days. (read more)