Life In SA

First Impressions, Museums and Slums


It has now been a week since I arrived in South Africa. Yet it feels like I was saying my goodbyes at home and the airport forever a go. The 11 hour flight was much easier than I had expected and a million times easier than my 12 hour coach journey to Oban back in July. Although there was a few hours of turbulence which I would say wasn’t pleasant. (read more)

Breakfast Is Breakfast


Before moving to South Africa, breakfast was not a necessity for me. I always knew the importance of it for your body and mind, yet never really ate in the morning. On the odd occasion I did, I would eat porridge oats, yogurt and summer fruits or weetabix with milk and fruit. But this was very rare. Since being at DCH I have had breakfast every day. This is for several reasons. (read more)

A Challenging Few Weeks


Since my last post a lot has happened it such little time. I’ve been at my project for 3 weeks and I am starting to feel like I am finding my feet. It sank in within the last few days where I am and this is my life for the next 11 months, not just here for a summer camp or anything like that. (read more)

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like… Christmas In Summer?


So almost 10 weeks ago I landed in Cape Town and was welcomed at DCH. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.

I’ve really built some friendships with the children, child care workers and volunteers here. It hasn’t been easy at all and at times I have been pining to come home. (read more)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Life here is becoming a lot easier. Although just as you start to settle here something else happens that throws you back in the deep end. Whether that be a new job role, new volunteers arriving, old volunteers leaving, new children arriving, school leavers leaving the grounds to start their new lives, children coming and going for holidays or the big swap around of rooms that is coming up this month. (read more)



Ever since I arrived in South Africa I’ve known there was a drought in the Western Cape. As the months have gone on the dam levels have decreased rapidly. After 1 month of being here I saw a sign on the motorway saying there was 36% water in the dams left. (read more)

Why I Love South Africa


South Africa is a country which is so varied and diverse it is actually hard to imagine until you have been here. SA is called the Rainbow Nation and for good reason. It is a multicultural country which takes pride in being so diverse. Parts of South Africa have such a strong traditional African vibe whilst others parts feel very westernised and modern. Living in Cape Town is incredible as I feel there is the perfect balance of both. (read more)

Vacay in SA


Between the 5th to the 12th of January I took my first week of holiday leave. I was supposed to be heading to Lesotho with other Project Trust volunteers but unfortunately I wasn’t able to go. Instead I made some last minute plans, had a great week off and saw some really beautiful parts of the Western Cape. (read more)